Private Yoga Instruction

Work one-on-one with a master teacher to create your unique yoga practice that may include the following: yoga postures, pranayama, mudra, kriyas, mantra and meditation techniques especially for your body and mind’s needs and goals. Learn which yoga poses, breathwork and relaxation techniques will balance your lifestyle. Help uncover the secrets to not only a successful yoga practice, but can also help you eliminate habits in your body, mind and spirit that keep you from feeling your best.

For Beginners: Get started with yoga. Learn proper breathwork, foundational yoga poses, and how to use props to assist your practice. Depending on your goals, work on stress relief and relaxation, or kick-start your practice with a detoxifying and health-conscious flowing practice.

For Intermediates: Tweak bad habits and move forward. Start working towards inversions and deeper poses that include backbending and binds, breathing and meditation techniques. The sky is the limit!

For Advanced: Now that your body has less resistance, move forward to a consistent yet more intense practice to open those hard to reach spots. Choose also to bring in more of the ancient yoga teachings with studies on yoga philosophy, assigned readings, and more subtle techniques of the asana practice such as mudra, bandha and visualization.

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