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Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners w/Cassandra McDonough


Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners will teach you the foundations and roots of vinyasa yoga in the Prana Flow Style. Prana Flow Vinyasa is movement alchemy, transforming all stress and contraction into the flow of bliss. With roots in the Krishnamacharya lineage, as well as living Ayurveda (medicinal sister science to yoga), Tantra (a path of expanding consciousness towards bliss), Bhakti (the path of love and devotion), Kalarippayatu (embodied martial art), and the universal forms of yoga practiced by every culture, Prana Vinyasa will bring more flow, fluidity, empowerment, and regeneration to your life. Master yogini Shiva Rea created this new evolution of yoga after diving deeply into traditional practice.

Prana Vinyasa is generally moderate to slow paced compared to other traditions, but is quite difficult nevertheless. Great care is given to proper alignment through energetic forces (vayus) as well as “moods” or the bhav in Sanskrit. After every class you will leave feeling much more relaxed, peaceful, and more integrated in your embodiment.

Week 1: Proper introduction to vinyasa, including essential breathing techniques and proper form in a “vinyasa” as a transition possibility (including chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog). Introduction to “vayus” or five essential movements of energy as the foundation of energetic alignment.

Each following week will offer intelligent vinyasa krama (sequencing) towards a peak pose. Peak poses are listed below.

Week 2: Visvamitrasana

Week 3: Eka Pada Rajkapotasana

Week 4: Bakasana

Week 5: Natarajasana

Week 6: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Investment for the six-week series: $150.

Use code BRINGAFRIEND to receive a 25% discount when you bring a friend. You can sign up separately, but please indicate who you are bringing via email in order to qualify for the discount. You and your friend must register within 24 hours of each other. No drop-ins. No refunds.

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