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Plan Your Year Intuitively w/Rocio Gonazalez, Mariel Padilla, & Gisel Martin


Plan your year intuitively and set purposeful intentions. This is a unique workshop that involves getting centered with mindful movement and high vibrational foods. This will allow you to create a vision board intuitively.

Learning How To Be Present Led By Rocio Gonzalez:

  • Learn how to be centered and grounded with simple therapeutic exercises. By learning how to be present, you to be more creative and clear minded to plan your year.

  • In this one-hour session you will be guided through meditation, learn simple mindfulness tools to help you regulate your nervous system, and practice therapeutic stretches that will help you activate your neurogenic tremor. This technique, known as TRE, was created by David Berceli. These exercises will help you release deep rooted tension that was caused by physical or emotional stress.

Lunch Demo Led By Mariel Padilla:

  • You will learn how to make a healthy and nutritious lunch that will help support mental clarity.

Intutive Vision Board Planning With Gisel Martin:

  • A vision board is a map of what you want in life. You will create a vision board and set purposeful intentions for 2019. Learn how to manifest the desires of your heart!

  • Gain the tools you need to create a vision board & to take action

What else can you expect?

-Lunch + Giveaways + Goodie Bags

*More Details to Come

What To Bring:

-Wear comfortable clothing

-Water bottle


9:30 AM Doors open + Welcome & Introductions

10:30 AM TRE

11:30 AM Lunch Demo

12:00 PM Lunch/networking

12:30 PM Vision Board Planning

1:30 PM Closing + Swag Bags & Giveway

About Gisel:

Gisel Martin is a Business Strategist and Podcaster. She works with visionaries, side hustlers, small business owners and entrepreneurs to turn their passion and vision into a business by creating a step by step plan. Her podcast, Relate + Elevate, is for entrepreneurs to share their stories of how their cultural identity influences the decisions they make for their business/organization. Her goal is to create more spaces with access to business information and resources for small business owners to continue to grow and elevate their businesses.

About Mariel:

Mariel is a Nutrition Science student who is passionate about living an organic, chemical-free, balanced lifestyle. Seeing family members have serious symptoms from medical illness, prompted Mariel to go back to school and learn about preventative measures. Mariel created Fresca Nutrition to share information and tips on eating towards your best health.

About Rocio:

Rocio Gonzalez is a certified Tension Release Instructor. She has enjoyed the benefits of TRE, including reduced anxiety, feeling present, and an ability to remain calm in social settings. Her goal is to help others feel grounded so that they can live a fulfilling life. She works with those going through anxiety, depression, and stress, and helps them regulate their nervous system with simple mindfulness tools and therapeutic exercises.