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Connect to Your Core Organically

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 10:00A - 2:00P

Our body naturally lives in the present moment, but our mind tends to get in the way. Aligning your mind and your body is achieved through body awareness, eating the right foods, and creating a space of self-love. Learn how to connect to your core in a natural way with simple and therapeutic movements, nutrition guidance, and self-love tips. When you are aligned with your core you feel more creative, you're able to make more connections, you feel grounded, focused, and confident in the choices you make. 

About Simple Therapeutic Exercises:

Learn how to live in the present moment with guided meditation, simple mindfulness tools, and therapeutic stretches that will help you activate your neurogenic tremor (also known as TRE, Tension, Stress, and Trauma Release.) TRE was created by David Berceli, PhD. These exercises will help you release deep rooted tension that was caused by physical or emotional stress or trauma. 

TRE uses gentle exercises to release the psoas muscle, the deepest and largest muscle in the body. This powerful muscle holds physical, emotional, and mental stress that we carry in our bodies over the course of our lives. The psoas muscle is what connects the upper and lower part of the body, and it serves our instincts activating our fight or flight when necessary. It is important to keep our psoas muscle in shape as it is what helps maintain flexibility, mobility, a healthy nervous system, and more.

About Mid-Year Reflection and Self-Love Activities:

Take a snapshot of your life with a mid-year reflection of 2018 by answering questions about things that have been going on in your life since January 1, 2018. This reflection activity will be a great extension of the guided meditation by Rocio to further connect you to your core.

In addition, we'll take some time for some serious self-love and self-praise. As natural nurturers, we don't always take the time to acknowledge our own amazing qualities. The Self-Love Challenge will help you step out of your comfort zone to show some unconditional love for yourself. You deserve it, you are amazing!


What to bring?

  • Any emotions you feel are ready to be released

  • Comfortable clothing to stretch in

  • Business cards

  • Water bottle

What you can you expect?

  • Guided meditation and gentle tension release exercises by Rocio Gonzalez founder of Viva Balance

  • Nutrition guidance on anti-inflammatory foods by Mariel founder of Fresca Nutrition

  • Mid-year reflection and self-love challenge by Gisel Martin, Business Strategist

  • Lunch+Swag bag + Giveaway 


9:30 AM Doors open + Welcome & Introductions

10:30 AM TRE

11:30 AM Nutrition

12:00 PM Lunch/networking

12:45 PM Reflection Activity & Self-Love Challenge

1:30 PM Closing + Swag Bags & Giveway