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Rituals of Self-Care: A Weekend Retreat to Heal, Nourish, Restore

w/Chanti Tacoronte-Perez and Stephanie Chee Barea

$209 for entire weekend; $45 for Friday eve only; $190 for Sat/Sun only

FRIDAY, SEPT. 23, 6:00–9:00P

  • Restorative Yoga w/Essential Oil Self-Massage (Abhyanga)

SATURDAY, SEPT. 24, 10:00A–6:00P

  • Yoga Asana Practice
  • MahaMrityunjaya Mantra Yantra Construction
  • Yoga Nidra Practice

SUNDAY, SEPT. 25, 10:00A–6:00P

  • Yoga Asana Practice
  • MahaMrityunjaya Yantra Painting
  • Tantric Fire Ceremony

Spend a weekend anointing yourself with the essence of yoga wisdom to nourish the soul, restore the body, and heal your mind.

In this 3-day local retreat, learn the Self- Care rituals necessary for any yogi or yogini. Ritual is the way that we bring to life the spirit of yoga’s wisdom. However, often we find that taking care of our own needs comes in second to the needs of others. Giving ourselves permission for Self-Care is one way we honor yoga’s teachings. The weekend will incorporate the tantric weaving of yoga asana, mantra, meditation, nidra, yantra painting, sacred fire ceremony and sangha. These practices are sure to inspire and empower you to create a daily Self-Care ritual. 

What you get:

  • Fire ceremony starter kit
  • Personalized dream oil
  • MahaMrityunjaya Yantra
  • Recordings of all practices (asana, nidra, & restorative)
from 45.00
1-3 day option:
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