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Gheranda Samhita: Master Your Practice Series w/Jillian Glikbarg

WEDNESDAYS, 6:30P-9:00P; APRIL 6 – MAY 4

$180 early bird price if purchased before 2/10; $216 thereafter; you may purchase the first and/or second class in the series for $45*

All levels welcome!

April 6 – Journey of the Progression of Practice

Introduction to the Gheranda Samhita, a sublime and practical guide to the progression of practice based on the ancient science of Tantra. We begin with purification and strengthening techniques by utilizing the tools of Asana, Bandha, Mudra. We will shift our modern day yoga practice (perfection of postures, flexibility and strength) to a more sublime perspective of you as a container of energy. 1-hour lecture + 90 minute practice.

April 13 – Deep Dive Into Pranayama - The Discipline of Energy

So maybe you can come into Eka pada Koudinyasana…but can you breathe seamlessly while you move into it, stay in it, and move out? How can we use our breath to enliven our practice, to calm our mind, to strengthen our capacity and resolve? Learn key pranayama methodologies that create energetic shifts in your body and mind, whether combined with asana or in seated mediation. Lecture + practice.

April 20 – Befriending The Mind - Moon Practice

How do we know how our mind, impressions, memories, limitations are affecting our lives? The deep ability to witness the mind in all of its movements is the primary focus of this session. Challenging asana that calls upon our deepest aspect of mind - the seat of unchanging awareness.  We will explore specific practices to access this deeper mind to increase both calm and stability - something we could all use more of! Lecture + practice.

April 27 – You Are the Energy You Seek - Solar Practice

Reaching for another pick-me-up? So anxious that you need a take-me-down? How do we get to know our energetic landscape, bring it into balance, and master our energy? We will focus on the tools and techniques for assessing our own energetic landscape and methods to bring ourselves into balance. Lecture + practice.

May 4 – Stoking the Radiant Energy of Transformation - Fire Practice

Our series culminates in an explanation of the primary movements of energy in the body, with particular attention to the combination of forces that spark an internal flame that can transform negative patterns into clarity of mind, willful determination, and correct action in the world.  What’s been holding you back from being your brightest, most amazing self? We will unveil the tools to changing our energetic course to become more free and happy in our everyday lives. Lecture + practice.

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