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Divine Spark: Exploring The Chakras Creatively

Yantra Wisdom Painting Immersion

Embark on a discovery of your Self through the architecture of subtle anatomy. The chakras are a system of unfolding awareness that can be experienced creatively by way of mantra, yantra, meditation and movement, to facilitate the tantric wisdom each chakra holds. 

The architecture of each Chakra, as yantra will be learned via the creative practice of yantra painting. The combined effects of the workshop will give students a whole education on various ways to incorporate the wisdom of the chakras in their individual practice as well as in their current teaching.

Students will learn & Explore: 

• How to draw and paint each chakra.

• Become familiar with the tools used for yantra painting: compass, ruler, paint, brushes, simple painting techniques and basic color mixing.

• The Sanskrit alphabet and the sacred lotus: learning the Sanskrit alphabet and its relationship to the chakras.

• Archetype of each chakras as life cycle.  

• Laya Yoga: Meditation to dissolve the chakras

• To create a set of chakra cards for use as a study/ practice tool.

• The creative part of yourself, that's yearning to be remembered 

Investment: $295 for all three days on or before Nov. 1; $349 thereafter

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